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July 1st, 2016

It’s hard not to go climb Huashan, one of China’s most sacred mountains when one is in Xi’an. After all people literally come here just for this mountain and Terracotta army.

We went on a very sunny Friday, taking the new high speed railway to the town of the same name and back. From the train station it was a short taxi ride to the ticket office. By taking the gondola to the north peak, we effectively cut a typical two-day climbing trip to one day.

We threw about 1,000 Yuan on this trip. No tourist activities in China were cheap. The entrance tickets, the shuttle buses, the gondola round trip, the expensive food up there.

The whole Huashan was stairways like every other major mountain in central China. It had been climbed by emperors, poets, civil servants, monks, merchants and tourists for thousands of years, and not all of them are strong mountaineers.

In total we climbed about 8,000 stairs. Sections of it with the stairs carved on the rock cliff going up 70 degree or more, it was not for the faint of heart.Unlike last year when we climbed Huangshan mountain, the weather was extremely good.


We saw this extremely cute cat half way up the mountain, wanting to get some snacks from Chinese tourists. It was hilarious the 8 year old Chinese boy was so scared of the cat and started to cry. Eventually the dad kicked the cat away.











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