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$37,965.30 – One Year on the Road ~ Expense

$37,965.30 – One Year on the Road ~ Expense

After “countless hours” wrestling with the spreadsheets on our four-year-old Macbook Air we travel with, I finally updated the numbers and posted under “expense” tab. You can quickly take a look here.

We left Vancouver on August 3rd, 2015, and the $37,965.30 number totaled till end of July 2016. Technically speaking we’re short of three days (July 31st to August 3rd) and on those three days we spent $1,300 to fly from Beijing to Ukraine.

And if you want to be accurate we also bought another six month worth of travel insurance for about $650 in August so we’re just shy of $40,000 for the first year.

On the other hand, what I learned from accounting taught me that the insurance and the flight cost would probably be depreciated for the rest of 2016, so I didn’t included them in the $37,965 number.

Anyways here you have the numbers. Again all figures in USD.

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