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Happy Birthday Anita – Playing Canon in D on the Greek Island of Paros

Happy Birthday Anita – Playing Canon in D on the Greek Island of Paros

Probably all parents have this moment – you wake up one morning and all of a sudden your little girl has grown. Today this moment dawned on us.

Ten years old is a great age, for both the parents and the kid. You are not too old and your little kid is finally somewhat independent. You still retain a certain bit of authority and respect (hopeful thinking maybe). If you are lucky like us, you get to spend a lot of time with them and almost re-lived the growth and learning period of your youth.

On the 430th day of our globe-trotting, home-schooling trip, Anita presents Canon in D on guitar. (this is a new guitar we got in Tokyo)




6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anita – Playing Canon in D on the Greek Island of Paros”

  • Very impressive the progression 🙂

    Thanks for your kind message on my blog, hope you will have great time in Asia

    Here in Vietnam its very rainy, that makes the trip very difficult and slow. Hopefully I ll get sun in Laos next week.

    Take care all the family !


  • What a special 10th years’ birthday!!! Beautiful Anita played beautiful song!!! I love it.
    Have a good time at the Greek island of Palos.

    I will be in Greek islands in three weeks, hope to see you there

    • Ahh, we are in Italy now. Which island(s) are you going to visit? It’s getting a little cold now in Cyclades group of islands, but many local people still swim. Our two Canada-born, intrepid northern little creatures swim too. Not for Annie though.

      We visited 5 islands only. The transportation and food were not cheap. We do hope to come back some day to check out places such as Corfu, Crete, Rodes and many other.

  • It is amazing. Great girl Anita!
    This is one of my favorite songs.
    Happy birthday to you!


  • Hi Anita
    I missed your birth day
    Hope you can forgive me
    10 is a special birthday , and I shouldn’t have missed
    I will make it up to you when ever we meet again
    Hope you had a happy time
    Lots of love and a happy belated birthday


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