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As I write this we are now staying in a three-story house with white walls and a beautiful terrace overlooking both mountains and ocean. Winter in Andalusia is mild. When the sun comes out, it is warm and glorious. When the rain falls, it is great to curl up in front of the fireplace and read.


Our friend Kathy puts us up in her house for three weeks while she travels. We are totally spoiled. Being on the road for the last sixteen months meant that we haven’t had any luxury comparable to this. This place has every faucet giving consistent hot water. Sewage pipes work brilliantly. There is fireplace in the living room and heating in every single room. There is the kitchen well stuffed both in food and equipments – we have not had toaster, oven and juicer of our own for a long while. Our own clothes washer, two bathrooms, the list just goes on and on.


This town Almunecar’s setting could have you at first sight. North is the mountains, south the ocean. Two beaches stretch kilometers for walking in winter and swimming in summer. This time of the year tourists are all gone. The streets belong to the residents. The businesses have no line-up. Christmas trees and lights are up and ready.


We plan to stay here for two to three weeks, to both rest and to catch up on our blog, and to plan the travels next year.


I am here to practice yoga every morning and to walk the beach every afternoon. What could be better than these activities (reading, writing, walking and yoga) leading up to Christmas and New Year after a long travel?

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