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About us

About us

This blog shares our family’s travel and exploration around the world spanning two years. We homeschooled our kids, packed our belongings in storage, and halted our careers to leave for the World Trip in August 2015.

We are a family of four who have very little sense of roots. Peter grew up in Taiwan and met Annie, a mainland Chinese girl, in sunny San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. We had our first kid, Anita in Toronto, Canada (east coast) and 2nd kid Julia in Vancouver (west coast).

We are often attracted to the opposites of ourselves. Peter is the quiet introvert and Annie is the outgoing party lover. Peter is the dreamer and Annie is the anchor. Peter is the free entrepreneur while Annie is the iron communist who grew up in New China and worships Chairman Mao. (OK, Mao is a joke. But Annie is tenacious.)

Anita was 8 when we started the trip. She’s gifted and homeschooled on the road. She plays guitar and enjoys arts, reading and writing. She has her own page on this blog – Anita Original.

Julia was 3 when we started. She is curious and a super cool kid too.

Peter writes most of the blog posts and Annie does the technology heavy lifting. Anita draws the pictures, while Julia poses for the photos. Collectively we speak fluent Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, English and French (from Anita’s 3 years in French immersion, if that counts). Since then we picked up rudimentary Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Ukrainian and Thai on the road.

Please leave comments and enjoy the blogs. We update our routes in the Map, and our travel expenses in the Expense menu. We will be thrilled if you become our fans on Facebook too where we share more recent updates. 

Lots of people have done what we’re doing but few of them have the background of growing up in poor developing countries and striving as first generation immigrants in western world. We worked as hard as we could and then some, to earn the freedom while keeping our dream to explore the world and the courage to take risk.

We hope you find inspiration here. Have a dream and go do something.



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