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Trip Expenses

Trip Expenses

This table shows our family of four’s round-the-world trip expense grouped by major categories each month from bird’s-eye view. We keep a detail spreadsheet to keep track of daily expenses. After a while, we see things that are useful to people traveling in those countries. We want to do monthly expense review and add post link back to this table.  Please come back often and leave a comment if you have questions.

All local currency is converted to USD for universal comparison. Since currency conversion rate fluctuates, we use the average rate of that month. If your browser does not show the entire table, scroll table to the right.

MonthCountries (See Route)TotalFoodLodgingTransportationActivitiesMiscDaily AverageComments 
August 2015USA$2,592.91$964.64$783.87$461.80$142.55$240.05$89.41Camped 27 days
September 2015USA$3,120.04$1229.46$768.00$289.59$236.11$596.88$104.00Camped 24 days
October 2015USA, Mexico$2,616.72$994.17$772.19$405.90$55.21$389.25$84.41
November 2015USA, Canada, China$4,260.38$759.86$753.14$1,780.83$120.71$845.85$142.01International flights; Visas; Stayed home 10 days
December 2015Hong Kong, Thailand$3,760.11$932.28$1,230.01$723.69$388.12$486.00$117.50
January 2016Laos, Thailand$2,139.49$599.44$532.15$372.23$429.70$32.04$69.02
February 2016Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam$2,086.45$674.97$633.64$319.32$396.05$62.48$71.95
March 2016Vietnam, China (Yunnan)$2,353.03$601.79$897.35$635.36$107.00$111.53$75.90Sick for some days, didn't move much
April 2016China, Taiwan$2,522.07$500$440.17$1,206.58$117.96$187.15$81.73Majority of the days stayed with family and friends in Taiwan
May 2016Taiwan, Japan$5,429.40$1,091.97$1,555.22$2,231.67$222.98$327.56$175.14Including Flight to Japan $341 and JR 21 day Rail Pass $1,400
June 2016Japan, South Korea, China$4,505.75$962.31$1,606.04$1,522.51$227.99$186.90$150.19Flight from Seoul to Beijing $700
July 2016China, Mongolia$2,578.94$599.72$711.25$716.66$439.5$111.82$83.19Long train rides in and out of China
Total First Year on the Road14 Countries$37,965.30
August 2016Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary$4,457.74$727.15$1,068.59$1,699.16$92.69$870.14$143.43Flight from Beijing to Kyiv $1130
Travel Insurance $640
September 2016Romania, Bulgaria, Greece$3,579.71$1,048.52$1,506.75$846.64$137.00$40.79$119.32
October 2016Greece & Italy$3,817.31$908.88$1,829.71$834.10$86.58$158.04$123.14
November 2016Italy, Paris, London & Morocco$4,524.15$907.80$1,783.33$1,070.04$203.86$559.12$150.80



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  • I am impressed and astounded that you get so much packed in and documented, Annie. I loved the blog. Thanks so much for sharing! Miss you guys.

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